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We pride ourselves with excellent craftsmanship and have great ability in delivering the highest quality product, to very high standards.

From small to large production, bespoke and made to measure items we create virtually anything that can be imagined with steel.

Unique understands that when you order steel products, you want more than just for the product to turn up. You need the product to be on time, to specification, and built to last.

Why Unique Metal Works

At Unique Metal Work we understand the importance of every project's uniqueness. That's why we take a personalised approach, working closely with the client to create customised pieces that truly reflect your vision.

We specialise in crafting steel creations, from unique staircases and balustrades to custom gates and all kinds of structures

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    What We Do

    From custom architectural metalwork to structural sections and entire building structures, we do it all. Also providing on-site welding, cutting, drilling and repair services